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Passport Hand-Carry Services

US Passport Online offers hand-carry passport expediting services for all types of U.S. passport applicants. All passport applicants must provide a form of identity, proof of U.S. citizenship, passport photos, and an intent to travel; other specific materials may also be required for certain applications. Please read the guide below to see which of our services best suits your needs.

New Passports

New passport applications are for people over the age of 16 applying for there very first passport, or whose passports have been expired for over 5 years. If you are under the age of 16, you must apply for a child passport.

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Passport Renewal

You can renew your current passport if you were over the age of 16 when it was issued and if it expired less than five years ago. If you do not meet these requirements and would still like a passport, you have the following options: a) apply for a child passport (under the age of 16) or b) apply for a new passport (16 years of age or older). Read more about passport renewal.

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Lost or Stolen Passport

US Passport Online can help you replace a lost or stolen adult passport in as little as one day. For lost child passports, you will have to fill out a new child passport application.

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Child Passports

U.S. citizens under the age of 16 require a child or infant passport. These passports expire every five years and must be replaced every time until the child turns 16. After the age of 16 your child will be issued an adult ten year passport.

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Damaged Passports

A passport is considered damaged when its appearance has become questionable or causes problems with border officials. This often comes from regular wear and tear, particularly for those who travel often. Submit your documents along with your old passport and a Statement Regarding A Mutilated Passport.

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Passport Name Change

If you're over the age of 16 and have legally changed your name, you must request a passport name change before you can use your passport abroad. Passports issued over a year ago will be renewed automatically. You will need to present your current passport, a Passport Name Change Application form, and official documents attesting to your name change.

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Passport Card

Passport cards can be used as an alternative for land or sea travel from the United States to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. They are cheaper and easier to carry around, and often serve as a secondary ID abroad. For air travel, you will need a passport book. You can request a passport card along with your passport book with US Passport Online, simply select the option on your order form.

Additional Fees

Government Fees:
All passport expediting services require a government fee, regardless of the application type. US Passport Online cannot collect these fees on the government's behalf; you will have to send a check or money order made out to the U.S. Department of State with any passport application. Current government fees are $140 for applicants under the age of 16 and $170 for applicants age 16 and older.
Acceptance Agent Fee:
Anyone applying for a new, lost, stolen, damaged or child passport will need to have their identity verified by a government Acceptance Agent. Your personal case manager at US Passport Online can help you find a passport acceptance facility in your area. They charge an acceptance fee of $25 in addition to your passport fees.